We invest across all industry sectors in established companies based in Western Europe, which have a healthy core and offer potential for operational development. We intend to expand our Group by 1-3 companies annually.

Investment cases

We invest in companies that are in one of the following situations:

  • Corporate spin-offs
  • Corporate carve-outs
  • Companies in need of restructuring and reorganization (Distressed M&A)
  • Unresolved succession planning

In addition to the cases listed, we also invest in classic buy-out opportunities, as long as we can create operational value or see a strategic fit with one of our group companies (buy-and-build strategies). We invest in companies that are in one of the following situations:

Investment criteria

The fundamental criteria for investment are:

  • Majority shareholding, as a rule 100% (in exceptional cases also minority shareholdings)
  • Established market position and potential to increase operational value
  • Annual revenues between EUR 10 million and EUR 250 million
  • EBIT margin, negative up to + 8%, depending on the industry sector and situation
  • Headquarters in Western Europe

Industry sectors

We are generally open to invest in almost any industry, but we focus our investments primarily in the following sectors

  • Mechanical engineering and plant engineering (in particular food technology)
  • Automotive component supply
  • Process industry (especially chemicals, pulp and paper)
  • Consumer goods
  • Industrial services

We do not invest in early-stage companies, research intensive sectors (such as biotechnology) or real estate companies.

Our role as an investor

We are entrepreneurial and pragmatic in our thinking and actions. In addition to financial support, we also provide active operational assistance. RCP is not just a sparring partner for management, but a companion for implementing sustainable operational measures.

Particularly in the initial phase, we provide our own management resources and decisively participate in realignment. In addition to our own resources, we have a broad network of experienced managers, industry and technology experts as well as consultants from all disciplines.

With each of our portfolio companies, we feel it’s important to keep employees involved throughout all phases of the change process. We ensure clear and open communication of our plans and goals and motivate our employees towards a shared change of direction. 

We support our companies

Our teams regularly provide operational support:

  • To realign or adapt the business model
  • To establish appropriate management and controlling structures
  • To develop and implement innovation in products and processes
  • To promote development and expansion of distribution and purchasing networks
  • To link production and IT systems (e.g., Industry 4.0)
  • To implement programs to cut costs and improve efficiency
  • As well as issues related to financing and M&A