RCP is an independent and internationally operating investment firm based in Munich. We engage in corporate carve-outs and spin-offs, and in cases of unresolved succession and restructuring. We support our companies over the long term, providing operational resources in addition to capital.

A track record for growth and business realignment

About us

RCP was founded at the end of 2014 as an independent equity investment company.

We invest across sectors with majority holdings in group companies / units and owner-managed medium-sized companies, experiencing major transitions and special situations, with annual revenues of EUR 10 million to 250 million.

In addition to the provision of capital, the core element of our commitment is the operational support and development of the companies in our group.

The team of RCP has extensive and long-term investment and management experience from numerous business transactions and restructuring projects.

Throughout Europe, we have successfully supported companies, with revenues in between EUR 10 and EUR 500 million, in realignment and growth across a wide range of industry sectors.

We invest in a sustainable manner and are committed to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI)

Our philosophy

In addition to capital, clear vision and strength in implementation, we believe that, above all, time is essential to the achievement of sustainable success. Our long-term and value-oriented approach gives our companies and their employees prospects for the future.

For us sustainability, is not an empty statement, but a living value proposition. To develop companies in a sustainable manner, regular investment in machinery, plant and IT equipment is necessary. In addition, we also continuously invest in the training of our group company employees.

We place emphasis with our transaction and business partners on trusting and long-term relationships from which all stakeholders benefit.

In every realignment, we consider the individual nature of the corporate culture and promote a responsible and respectful approach to employees and the environment.

We are committed to the guidelines of the UN Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI).

We have a long term, hands-on investment approach

Our strategy and objectives

To acquire and sustain companies with potential for operational value creation, and develop them within the group – this is our strategy. Our objective: To build a strong group of independent and leading companies in their respective markets.

This sets us clearly apart from short-term-oriented private equity funds or listed investment companies. We deliberately invest our own funds and those of close private investors or family offices, who fully share our long-term approach.

We are entrepreneurial in thought and action and act as a companion in the implementation of strategic and operational measures. Together with management and employees, we actively work to continually improve each company. We give a new impetus, for example, in international expansion, innovations in product and processes or in the development of IT systems and digital initiatives.

We attach great importance to the involvement of all employees in the process of change. This is the key to sustained success.

We are a solution-oriented and reliable transaction partner: for corporations & medium-sized companies

What we offer

We are the right transaction partner, both for large international corporations as well as owner-managed, medium-sized companies.

Lean structures and rapid decision-making processes enable us to make investment decisions very quickly. In the transaction process, we act in a pragmatic, flexible and goal-oriented manner. For us, fast and professional handling are paramount, even in complex transactions. As entrepreneurs we stand by our word and provide sellers with a high degree of transaction security.

Our capital structure allows us to raise equity up to the amount of EUR 10 million per investment. Through flexible co-investments with our associated investors significantly higher equity can also be covered at short notice.

In addition to capital, above all we offer the experience and expertise of outstanding operational teams, which, together with management and employees, will further develop your company or business unit. Here too, we keep strict focus and invest very selectively in about 1 to 3 companies a year, to which we devote our full attention.

Based on many transactions, we are aware of the individual needs of corporations and owner-managed, medium-sized companies in the sale of the company and deliberately offer tailor-made solutions:

Your objective

  • You wish to spin off a non-core business unit or subsidiary and focus on your core business
  • You are looking for a discreet and reliable partner to present the site and its employees with new perspectives as an independent company
  • You seek a flexible and solution-oriented transaction partner who does not shy away from complex structures and situations

Our offer

  • An experienced team for complex takeover and business situations, both in pre- and post-transaction phase
  • High transaction speed and security through lean structures, flexible financing and targeted due diligence
  • The mapping of complex issues by flexible contract structures
  • Top-class operational teams for the sustained continuation of your non-core business activities
Your objective

  • You wish to sell your company shareholding as part of your personal life planning and seek a trustworthy successor
  • You are looking for a partner who shares your entrepreneurial values and will manage your life’s work in a responsible, stable and long-term manner
  • You desire a smooth and trouble free transition without friction between business partners, employees and other stakeholders

Our offer

  • Handover to experienced entrepreneurs, familiar with medium-sized businesses
  • Long-term and sustainable development of your life’s work in the interests of the site, employees and business partners
  • A responsible and discreet approach both during and after completion of the transaction